A Better VS Code Outline

Slash your code navigation time by 50%*: Effortlessly search, browse, and organize variables and functions in your IDE

Searchable Outline View

Search in Outline View by Variable and Function Names Directly

Search keywords -> Filter symbols

Pin Symbols in Outline View

Keep track of all the symbols I care the most at the moment

Pin symbols -> Fast jump between them

Easier to Track Symbols Across Files

Navigating in a large project repo without losing focus

Pin symbols in diffent files -> Fast jump between symbols

Pricing for apps of all sizes

Your company is free to get started and scales with you as you grow.
  • Starter

    For new makers who want to fine-tune and test an idea.

    • 50 conversion actions included
    • Access to all UI blocks
    • Real-time analytics
    • Basic transaction anonymization

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